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Magnitude  1.76
Spectral Type  A0pCr (Green)
Parallax (milliarcseconds)  40.30  +/-0.62
Distance (parsecs)  24.81  +/-0.40
Distance (light years)  80.93  +/-1.00 2
Right Ascension  12h 54m 1.63s
Declination  +55o 57' 35.4"

"UMa AL-IOTH, one of the ridiculously corrupt forms of al-'Ayyuq, the ancient Arabic name of Capella. This is just another example of how star names are wont to wander at the hands of the uninformed. Scaliger's derivation is not accepted. The Arabic names for this star were al-Juan, 'the Black Horse or Camel', and al-Hawar (or al-Hawwar), 'the extremely bright one', an appropriate name for the brightest star in the constellation." 3

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