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Descent of
Charlemagne, Roi des Francs, Empereur d'Occident
from antiquity
Including Sextus Julius Caesar I (g-g grandfather of Julius Caesar)

(proposed; see sources at bottom of report)


--- 1st Generation ---

Charlemagne Roi des Francs Empereur d'Occident was born on 2 Apr 742.  He was Roi des Francs between 0768 and 0814 at Aachen, Austrasie.  He married Sainte Hildegarde in 771.  He was Empereur d'Occident between 0800 and 0814 at Aachen, Austrasie.  He died on 28 Jan 814 at Aix-la-Chapelle, Aachen, Germany, at age 71.

--- 2nd Generation ---

Pépin Le Bref, Roi des Francs;  Mayor of the Palace, deposed the last of the Merovignian kings and became the first King of the Franks of the second race; reigned 751-768 was born in 714.  He married Bertrade ou Berthe Reine des Francs, daughter of Caribert (Hardrad ?) Comte de Laon and (Gisèle)?, in 741.  He was Roi des Francs between 0751 and 0768.  He died in 768.

--- 3rd Generation ---

Charles Martel Duc des Francs was Duc des Francs between 0717 and 0741 at Austrasie.  He died in 741.

--- 4th Generation ---

Pépin d' Héristal Maire du Palais à Austrasia was born at Belgique.  He married Alpaide.  He was Maire du Palais between 0688 and 0714 at Austrasie.  He died on 16 Dec 714 at Austrasie.

--- 5th Generation ---

Ansegisel Domestique married Begga Abbesse d'Andenne, daughter of Pepin de Landen maire du Palais and Itta.  He died between 0648 and 0669; Assassinated by Gondoin, an Austrasian.

--- 6th Generation ---

Arnulf Bishop of Metz married Dode Religieuse à Tréves circa 596.  He was employed between 0614 and 0629 at Metz, France, Bishop of Metz.

--- 7th Generation ---

Bodogisel ambassadeur à Byzance married Chrodoara (ste. Ode) fondatrice d’Amay.  He was employed in 589 at Constantinople, Byzance, ambassadeur à Byzance.

--- 8th Generation ---

 (Fille de Mundéric) married Mummolin Maire du Palaise (?).

--- 9th Generation ---

 (seour de Gondolf, Bishop of Metz) married Mundéric Prince Austrasien, son of Cloderic Roi des Francs de Cologne and (Agilolfingienne).

--- 10th Generation ---

Artémie Noble gallo-romaine married Florentin Évêque élue de Genève.

--- 11th Generation ---

 (dau. of Ruricius) married Rusticus Bishop of Lyon.

--- 12th Generation ---

Ruricius Bishop of Limoges en Haute-Vienne was born in 440.  He was Évêque between 0485 and 0507 at Limoges, Haute-Vienne, Aquitaine.  He died circa 507.

--- 13th Generation ---

 (father of Ruricius)

--- 14th Generation ---

Adelphius Bishop of Limoges

--- 15th Generation ---

Anicia married Pontius Celsus, son of Pontuis Paulinas Noble de Bordeaux.

--- 16th Generation ---

Turrania Anicia Iuiliana married Q. Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius Romand Consul.

--- 17th Generation ---

Anicius Auchenius Bassua Préfet de Rome married Turrania Honorata.  He was Préfet in 382 at Rome.

--- 18th Generation ---

 (Pincia) married Amnius Manius Caesonis Nicomachus Ancius Paulinas (Honorius?) Consul, Préfet de Rome.

--- 19th Generation ---

 (Ceionia) married (Pincius).

--- 20th Generation ---

M. Ceionius Proculus Consul was Consul in 289 at Rome.

--- 21st Generation ---

M. Ceionius Varus Préfet was Préfet in 271 at Rome.

--- 22nd Generation ---

 (M. Ceionius Varus), père

--- 23rd Generation ---

 (M. Ceionius Varus), grandpère

--- 24th Generation ---

 (M. Ceionius Varus), grand-grandpère

--- 25th Generation ---

M. Ceionius Silvanus Consul was Consul in 156 at Rome.

--- 26th Generation ---

Avidia Plautia married (M. Ceionius) Commodus.

--- 27th Generation ---

 (Plautia) married C. Avidius.

--- 28th Generation ---

Domitia Longina married L. Plautius Lamia Aelianus.

--- 29th Generation ---

 (Cassia) Longina married Cn. Domitius Corbulo.

--- 30th Generation ---

Junia Lepida married C. Cassius Longinus Consul Suffect.

--- 31st Generation ---

Aemilia Lepida married M. Iunius Silanus Torquatus Consul.  She married Ti. Claudius Nero Emperor of Rome at Rome.

--- 32nd Generation ---

Julia married L. Amelias Lepidus Consul.

--- 33rd Generation ---

C. Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus Emperor of Rome died 14 CE at Rome.  He was Emperor 27 BCE - 14 CE at Rome.  He was born 63 BCE at Rome.  He married Scribonia.

--- 34th Generation ---

Atia Balboa Caesonia died 43 BCE at Rome.  She was born 85 BCE at Rome.  She married Gaius Octavius.

--- 35th Generation ---

Julia Caesaris Minor (sister of Gaius Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor) married Atius Balbus.  She was born 101 BCE at Rome.  She died 51 BCE at Rome.  She married Marcus Atius Balbus.

--- 36th Generation ---

Gaius Julius Caesar The Elder was born 140 BCE.  He died 85 BCE.  He married Aurelia Cotta, daughter of Lucius Aurelius Cotta.

--- 37th Generation ---

Gaius Julius Caesar II married Marcia Regia.

--- 38th Generation ---

Gaius Julius Caesar I was Senator at Rome.

--- 39th Generation ---

Sextus Julius Caesar I was Praetor during the Second Punic War 208 BCE at Sicily.


Prepared by: Rising Moon Genealogy Services, 19 Nov 2019