Luthera RUGGLES|b. 4 Jan 1798\nd. 17 Aug 1823|p6530.htm|Daniel RUGGLES|b. 5 Jan 1756\nd. 26 Feb 1838|p6268.htm|Lucy PAIGE|b. 19 Mar 1757\nd. 3 Aug 1840|p5401.htm|Edward RUGGLES|b. 30 Aug 1723\nd. 21 May 1778|p6287.htm|Lucy SPOONER|b. 29 Oct 1729\nd. 2 Apr 1821|p6985.htm|||||||
FatherDaniel RUGGLES
MotherLucy PAIGE
Birth*Luthera RUGGLES was born on 4 January 1798 at Hardwick, Plymouth, MA, USA
She was the daughter of Daniel RUGGLES and Lucy PAIGE
Marriage*Luthera RUGGLES married Samuel F. CUTLER on 24 May 1819. 
Death*Luthera RUGGLES died on 17 August 1823 at Hardwick, Plymouth, MA, USA, at age 25.