Marie-Gertrude Lemieux

Marie-Gertrude Lemieux|b. 29 Dec 1728\nd. a 23 Sep 1764|p4068.htm|Joseph-Alexis Lemieux|b. 23 Oct 1700\nd. a 28 Feb 1741|p4067.htm|Geneviève Fortin|b. 16 May 1704\nd. 4 May 1760|p2600.htm|Francois Lemieux|b. 12 Oct 1676\nd. a 1730|p4065.htm|Marie-Anne Paradis|b. 6 Sep 1681\nd. 9 Jan 1738|p5440.htm|Eustache Fortin|b. c 1658\nd. 23 Jan 1736|p2598.htm|Louise Cloutier|b. 18 Aug 1676\nd. a 1730|p1567.htm|
FatherJoseph-Alexis Lemieux
MotherGeneviève Fortin
Birth*Marie-Gertrude Lemieux was born on 29 December 1728 at Ile-aux-Grues, Montmagny, QC, CAN
She was the daughter of Joseph-Alexis Lemieux and Geneviève Fortin
ChristeningMarie-Gertrude Lemieux was christened on 27 March 1729 at Cap-St-Ignace, Montmagny, QC, CAN
Divorce*She and Louis-Joseph Delisle were divorced. 
Marriage*Marie-Gertrude Lemieux married Louis-Joseph Delisle, son of Louis-Joseph Delisle and Marie-Madeleine Toupin dit Dussault, on 29 September 1749 at Cap-St-Ignace, Montmagny, QC, CAN
EngagementMarie-Gertrude Lemieux and Louis-Joseph Delisle were engaged. 
Death*Marie-Gertrude Lemieux died after 23 September 1764 at Cap-St-Ignace, Montmagny, QC, CAN
Burial*She was buried. 
BurialShe was buried after 23 September 1764 at Cap-St-Ignace, Montmagny, QC, CAN
Note*She Died after death of last child (anonymous), 23 Sep 1764. 


Louis-Joseph Delisle