Sibylla de Conversana

Sibylla de Conversana|d. Feb 1103|p1866.htm|Geoffrey ,Count of Conversano||p1617.htm||||||||||||||||
FatherGeoffrey ,Count of Conversano
Sibylla de Conversana was the daughter of Geoffrey ,Count of Conversano
Marriage*Sibylla de Conversana married Robert II Courteheuse Duke of Normandy, son of William I (?) The Conqueror, King of England and Matilda (?) of Flanders, in 1100 at Apulia, ITA
Death*Sibylla de Conversana died in February 1103 at Rouen, FRA
Burial*She was buried in 1103 at Cathedral, Caen, Normandie, FRA


Robert II Courteheuse Duke of Normandy