Claire Cormier

Claire Cormier|b. c 1684\nd. a 1723|p1628.htm|Thomas Cormier|b. c 1636\nd. c 1690|p1630.htm|Madeleine Girouard|b. c 1654\nd. a 1688|p2941.htm|Robert Cormier|b. c 1610\nd. 12 Feb 1712|p1629.htm|Marie Peraude|b. c 1610\nd. a 1643|p5580.htm|Francois Girouard|b. c 1621\nd. a 1660|p2938.htm|Jeanne Aucoin|b. c 1621\nd. a 1660|p711.htm|
FatherThomas Cormier
MotherMadeleine Girouard
Birth*Claire Cormier was born circa 1684 at Beaubassin, AC, CAN
ChristeningShe was christened circa 1684 at Beaubassin, AC, CAN
She was the daughter of Thomas Cormier and Madeleine Girouard
Marriage*Claire Cormier married Pierre Cyr, son of Pierre Sire and Marie Bourgeois, circa 1698 at Beaubassin, AC, CAN
Death*Claire Cormier died after 1723 at Beaubassin, AC, CAN; Died after birth of last known child Agnès, circa 1723. 
Burial*She was buried after 1723 at Beaubassin, AC, CAN


Pierre Cyr